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At Seymour’s Pub & Grill, we do things a bit differently.
  • Fresh food made from scratch daily. No processed grub or frozen entrees. Instead, we serve fresh, delicious food, made with care each and every time after you order it (and never before).
  • In-and-out lunch or dinner in under 20 minutes. No, that’s not a typo. While we understand the importance of fresh, made-from-scratch cuisine, we also know that time is precious and you have a busy schedule. That’s why you can count on being in-and-out of our establishment with your lunch or dinner order in less than 20 minutes. And don’t forget to try our incredible $10 Brunch Menu!
  • Daily $14 Soup and Sandwich Special. It’s just like it sounds. You can score both a wildly yummy sandwich and a hearty Seymour’s soup for only fourteen bucks—every single day.
  • “The Best Daily Happy Hour on the North Shore (If Not the Lower Mainland!)” Need to de-stress after a long day? Imbibe on our spirits! We have one of the finest Happy Hour drink menus around. Cheap prices, strong drinks; that’s our speciality. Happy Hour runs from 2-6 pm and 10-12 pm each day and boasts two of the best craft beers from B.C.

Heard enough? Great. We’ve got a scrumptious steak, salad, or pasta and an ice-cold beer waiting for you. Stop by to see us today!

720 Lillooet Rd.
North Vancouver, BC, V7J 2H5
(604) 904-8778